We had to take Solo to the vet this morning :-(.

Last night, at about 7pm, she ate a piece of string about 2’ long. String is bad inside cats (and other pets!) because they can't digest it and it can make hoops and hooks that get caught on the insides and cause all kinds of pain and doom.

Fortunately the vet said that Solo is OK so far; but we have to keep her seperated from the other cats, with her own litterbox, so we can check if the string has come out; and phone them up if there are any of various kinds of distress. And we have another appointment to get her prodded again tomorrow morning.

If we'd thought to phone the emergency vet line then they might have been able to get her to vomit the string up; if we'd got her to them within about an hour; but we didn't do that sadly.

All the cats are quite distressed by the separation.