I've finally won a game of Crusader Kings II. That is got to 1453 without either losing or giving up because I've been reduced to a single boring county somewhere.

I started off as Dublin (possibly the easiest independent county in 1066) and ended up as this (Irish) Empire of Alba (total score 167024, which I note purely for my future reference):

CK2 Map

Sadly Norway took the duchy of Orkney back by getting the Duke of it elected king near the end of the game and there's a couple of enclaves in Hispania. Also it annoys me that when I create the the Empire level title my nice green Ireland colour becomes an ugly red.

I suspect if I ever get EU4 this will make a very OP starting position. Or I'd guess Lithuania or Pisa might make a playable start other than Alba.

Having won as a "normal" Catholic monarch, my next go is going to be trying as a Norse Republic (I've hand edited a Year 867 start to add this, based in Iceland...)

Ooh, it's a CK2. I have still never finished a game of that or of EU3; I have a King of Wales-and-Ireland-and-Italy (there were some heretics) sitting around somewhere, and probably a Muslim Spain savegame somewhere or if not definitely a Holland one in EU3+ (a mod so good Paradox hired the designer...well, for that and other reasons).
Comment by ilanin [livejournal.com] late Wednesday evening, October 15th, 2014