Yes, you are Trans Enough, my transition from self-loathing to self love by Mia Violet is a primarily autobiographical book with some reflections and opinions on the state of trans issues in the UK.

I've followed Mia on twitter since I was in my own transition egg and she was one of the people who produced the environment that made me ready to hatch. She is also a lovely person. It would probably have helped me to read this book at that point, but it wasn't published until 2018 by which point my egg was well cracked. This book is aimed at little egg me, but I'd argue that it's also the perfect book for anyone with trans friends who wants to understand them better.

Mia starts at the very beginning (a very good place to start) with childhood and works her way through indicative experiences, trials, and tribulations. I have to admit that some of the passages had me in tears; and in general Mia seems to have had a worse time of things than I did, although there are places where I envy her.

I'm actually writing this review having got to page 226; where Mia has just taken her first HRT pills because I'm just bursting with love for this book. On every page there's an experience either I've had myself or I know a friend has had; and these things are so hard to talk about. Mia is a very brave person for having put all of these thoughts and experiences into print and I want everyone to benefit from them.

Once I've finished the remaining third of the book (which ends with a happy Mia, I hasten to add) it's available for any of my friends in Cambridge to borrow. It's also available on Kindle as well as in print.

Yes, you are Trans Enough
Violet, Mia
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